Season Ends, New Begins

Our first season has come to a close, but it was amazing.  There were some nail-biting situations, but overall for 17 members we harvested more than 2,100 pounds of food.  Amazing! Thanks to all of those whom participated and we hope to see you again next season.

Thanks to my pal Jackson who provided the kombucha with produce from our farm, it was a big hit.  Jackson now has his own business making his kombucha so if you are interested let us know and we will introduce you.  We’ll see his kombucha back next season.

Thanks to my friend and co-grower Heather who provided space and physical energy to also grow produce for the CSA.  Your potatoes were the biggest I’ve ever seen.  Such healthy microbes in her soil.

Thanks also to our volunteers whom came out to assist with everything from simple weeding to fence and wood shed building to end-of-season clean up.  I appreciated all your dedication all season long.

We are on the road to a new season in 2020 and excited to grow a couple new items as well as your favorites.  Interested in signing up and being a member?  Contact us for more information.

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