Season only Weeks Away…Sign up now!

Still have a couple of spots available for this season.  And a couple weeks to fill them.  Afraid of the size?  Too much fiber?  Don’t know how to use all the veggies?  Don’t fret, all good things.  We are with you all the way to help you make the best of your share and enjoy feeling energized and always ready to GO!  Plus, we have veggie bingo.  Can other farms say that?

In your first share you will receive a bingo card filled with tons of fruits and veggies.  Each week in your newsletter you will get an option to fill in your card.  The first one to get bingo will win a prize.  If no one gets it till the end, then a bigger prize will be awarded.

So now you have no reason to not participate.  Contact us today  (507)-304-5371 or  We look forward to sharing meals together.  Happy Spring.

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